Huge transitions are in the air. Yes – I have been talking with friends and receiving emails from several of you going through big changes. Some are moving to a new city and leaving your home country for good,  getting involved in a new relationship, or getting separated or divorced. Some of you are experiencing uncertainty because of job contracts coming to an end, becoming pregnant or going back to work after maternity leave, or coming down with an illness that requires a change in your life style. Also, some have relatives with terminal illnesses. There are of course some of you that think you are not going through any specific transition yet. You just feel stuck in a strange kind of confusion, knowing you can’t keep living as you do now. And this pressure keeps triggering anxiety and the feeling that you really need to move forward. You feel paralysed, with no vision, restless and sad. You are also in transition.

For me having left my country, given birth to a child, getting divorced, going through the uncertainty of a lack of job, and having some family members with really tricky health situations, I can say that if I had  to give you one element to cultivate during this period, it would be trust. I know it can sound abstract but I’m sure you know what I mean, because we have all experienced trust at some point in our lives. Trust in yourself, in the force that moves the stars out in the universe that is obviously sustaining us here too – trust in evolution. Trust in your capacity to grow and expand. Trust in your capacity to manifest exactly what you need. Trust in your capacity to love and be loved, not only in a romantic relationship, but in any exchange with the world. 

Trust is for me the tool that allows you to transform heavy emotions into creative gestures and connections. It brings you clarity and a certain kind of peace. Trust helps you create space in yourself so you can feel at ease with what and who you are.

I know it’s not simple. When I come up with any issue to one of my mentors, he usually tells me, “c’mon Rakel, turn your trust on”. Its easier said than done right? It would be great to be able to go and buy a bottle of trust at the pharmacy, drink it and recharge with trust.

The thing today is that our mind is overstimulated; and since trust is not a matter of the mind but of the heart, when we approach it just as a thought it can be tricky to access.

But as always, there is a way. Breathing. Breathing your trust in. When you breath consciously, you create a space in the  present moment. A space where there is clarity. That’s the perfect soil for trust to grow. You breathe and call for trust. It’s that simple.

I invite you to breathe consciously and open your heart centre so trust can grow and guide your life. Trust will give you self confidence and a certain kind of creative peace. Trust will position you in an active space where you are empowered, where you are creative during transition instead of feeling hopeless and small.

I will be leading  a pranayama session on trust on the 18th of October from 5:30pm to 7pm in Schöneberg, Berlin. I have been inspired to organise this practice by the powerful autumn transition and all those leaves preparing to fall. Also by all of our intense and mysterious personal transitions. If you feel like joining click here to register. This will be a good one!

Know that transitions are where growth happens. Fuel your trust and the rest will  flow.

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