We have the impression that the main energy drainers in our lives are the huge problems that create big crises either in our work, in our personal life or our health. But we underestimate certain little daily habits that could be the ones draining our energy, making us feel tired, constantly anxious and much less productive and creative than we would like to be. We usually underestimate these habits, but they actually have a big impact on our body’s chemistry and on our mood, creating that feeling of been drained of energy. These habits seem so common and inoffensive that we don’t give them any importance, and often think that we are stressed just because of the amount of work we have or a crisis we are going through. I have experienced all of them and when I stopped doing them my life got lighter and much clearer, more sober and grounded. Check them out…maybe you practice one of these 3 habits. Changing them can really energise you and upgrade your wellbeing.

  1. Gossip: It’s a major energy drainer, and it’s really quite perverse. It gives you such a rush in the moment you are embroiled in it. When you are in the middle of the gossip you feel superior, you feel that you totally get whats going on with the subject of your gossip, and there is a certain complicity that you like to create with the other person you are gossiping with. But don’t be fooled. As my friend Giorgio Sergio says “How we talk about others is a mirror of what we think of ourselves.” Gossip is usually about your predatory mind trying to pull down someone’s identity. But you end up pulling yourself down into that dense energy zone where it’s harder to be creative, imaginative , kind and elegant. Remember your words and intentions have enormous power. I would strongly advise against misusing them in gossip. So whenever you find yourself in a situation where you’re tempted to gossip, take a pause, breathe,  check what it is in you that is bothered, frustrated or envious, what’s the purpose of your gossip. Check what part of you is talking. Check what it is that you are about to put out there, and what other option you have. And then be creative – bring an inspiring subject to the table. You will end up feeling light and free.
  2. Unpunctuality: This is another one I had to re-learn. I’m Venezuelan. I come from a culture where arriving late is the norm. When someone invites you for 7pm we all know that it actually means between 9pm and 10pm. So it’s  impossible to arrange a gathering that starts on time. Here in Europe I have learned a lot about being punctual. Especially in Germany where the busses, the doctors, the plumber, the nannies are all punctual. I had to change. The thing is that when you are late you always feel in a rush, always worried, you often have to arrive apologising. It’s a stressful, annoying habit. And like gossiping, it’s also not kind or elegant at all. And the worst of all for me is that when you are not punctual your words start to loose their value because you are not doing what you said you would do. I suggest that if you are an unpunctual person you consciously arrive 15 minutes early to your next meeting.  You will experience the inner peace and calm of not being in a rush, but being in a kind of holiday mode and that itself is your prize. Because when you arrange everything to be on time you can enjoy the journey much more. The quality of your life will upgraded. You will feel far more energised by the experience than you usually do when you are late. You will be more present and focused. Don’t sabotage your experiences by arriving late. You will see how rewarding it is and how fresh you feel when you are punctual.
  3. Complaining: This is another habit that you will feel a real shift around when you stop doing it. Complaining is so draining and so disempowering. I started to work on this one years ago along with my mother. We were spending holidays together and each time we started a conversation we got into that complaining tone. We realised that every time we complained we ended up exhausted and in a bad mood. So I suggested we invent a word to avoid going into this boring complaining-victim pattern. My mother came up with the word MAGIA (Magic in spanish) that I found powerful and charming. So each time any of us started to complain about something and the other one started to feel the heaviness of the energy or the drained feeling arriving, we just said “MAGIA” and immediately something shifted. We still use it, even on whatsapp. With this tool we have been rewiring our brains to operate in non-complaining mode. So we are usually more creative and looking for the positive side of things. Often we look for an option other than investing our precious energy in complaining patterns. Check your complaint patterns and change them if necessary. Only by observing them a shift will occur. Create your shifting magic word and go for it. Meditation also helps to calm down your thoughts pattern and create a shift. Find a meditation technique that resonates with you and get to it. If you don’t have one you can access my free meditation for beginners video here.

You will see how reducing the time you invest in any of these three habits you will find yourself having more energy, being more creative and kinder with yourself and others.

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