Release your pain, feel lighter with my 7 minutes meditation. It's FREE.


How do we get things rolling for you?


Easy! First I will teach you effective ways to relax your body and mind and techniques to reduce daily fatigue and stress. Then we work with Pranayama Yoga Meditation so you can release heavy feelings like fear, sadness or anger stuck in your body, which are at the core of your emotional discomfort. We will make that emotional energy flow,  all through the specific use of your own breath, your prana, your life force.

Then comes the tasty part… You know that little voice that is always whispering in your ear what to do and that you often don’t listen to? Well through the breathing technology I will share with you you will start to hear this voice louder. Actually more than hear it you will feel it in your whole body like a strong vibrating force. You will be retuning: tuning in again to yourself and tapping into your real energy sources. You will be shifting your attention from the linear mind into the heart – it feels really liberating –. You will also be expanding your perception, becoming one with the energy that creates worlds in what can be a real life-changing experience.

 How does Pranayama Yoga Meditation work? The breathing is done mainly through the mouth. It brings large quantities of oxygen into your blood stream, and then into your pituitary and hypothalamus glands. The oxygen stimulates the glands to produce large amounts of endorphins that spread throughout the whole body via the blood stream.  This process brings vital fresh energy into the body, opening you up to experiencing yourself in a new way. The most important is that the breathing moves you quickly out of your head and connects you to your heart center. Once that happens you get in touch with your creative energy and you really start to thrive.

Oh, and the good news: the Pranayama Yoga technique brings immediate results with no meditation experience required. Try it out. You have so much to gain.


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