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Experience the birthday you deserve.


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           With this meditation you will:

                       ✓  Release physical & emotional stress.

                       ✓  Transform anxiety into enthusiasm.

                       ✓  Find your centre.

                       ✓  Feel fresh and light.

                       ✓  Create the sparkling mood to have the best birthday ever.

                       ✓  Set the tone for the rest of the year.


“I wasn’t planning to meet anyone the day of my birthday. I was feeling a bit uncentered and down. This meditation completely shifted my mood. The experience was very intense. This meditation neutralised the elements or energies that had me out of my centre. At the end it gave me a sense of calm and opened me for a great day.”                                                                Stefan Bunescu – Architect.


Why did I create this Meditation?

My birthday is  for me one of the most sensitive days of the year. I am happy and surrounded by love and gestures of affection. But still inside there can often be a bit of an anxious feeling of “one more year passing and I haven’t done what I planned” or “getting older, ah?”, or simply just feeling anxiety in my chest for apparently no reason. I feel vulnerable and with a particular energy that thanks to the work I have been doing throughout the years with meditation, I have started to see as creative energy of transformation.

That day when we celebrate the huge essential fact that we were born on this Earth, is actually a very special one.

I can see how creative energy bubbles up and we unconsciously connect to the miracle of being alive during our birthdays.

If you are in a nice, exciting place in your life you feel the spark, you get turned on. When you are in a resistant mode you feel down, sad even frustrated.

I have many love ones that have their birthdays during the month of February and March: My parents (that were born on the same day) my friend Kristin, Anabella, Claudia, Stefan. They all practice Pranayama Yoga Meditation. So I thought, what if I could do a birthday meditation the exact day of people’s birthday every month? Practically it would be very hard to put together because that would mean a session everyday! So the idea came to me…why not create a CD meditation that can make the best of this birthday energy, one that  can be done by anyone that want to do it?… ta ta ta taaaaa… And here it is! Better than the most delicious piece of cake.

“I was expecting a soft calm relaxation as I had done before. Actually I was surprised. It’s like I went to “the moon” and came back. I felt my body floating and suddenly ground strongly into the floor. And I don’t really know how, but that deep sadness I was feeling, vanished. Very strong experience.  I did have a wonderful birthday. Without the sadness, I could receive all the love coming my way. I’m very grateful”.                                                                                                                               Ana Hernandez – Journalist 

About Rakel

Rakel Sosa has been practicing Rajadhiraja Yoga from the linage of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti for twenty years, and was trained by Master Healer David Elliott as a Pranayama Breathwork healer. She has been working in private and group sessions in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, United States and Venezuela since 2010.

She is the co-autor of Blooming Together, a weekly Audio Pregnancy Program designed to enhance the well being of babies and expectant mothers. She is the co-founder of Onearth Practice, a worldwide meditation group that promotes world peace through meditation.

Rakel earned a Master’s Degree in Communication from The Sorbonne University in Paris. She worked as a journalist for 11 years for Radio France International covering social and political issues around the world. Today as a filmmaker and healer she uses her professional skills for promoting self-realization and wellbeing.

“The birthday meditation is great for this day or any day you want to give yourself a little extra love. Rakel guides you softly into gratitude and rest. You will feel renewed again and again every time you practice. I did it many times since my birthday and I feel the self-love that I needed. The best birthday present so far. Thank you Rakel for bringing the smile, the soft and the gentleness to a meditation”.                                                                                                                                     German Torres – Cook. 

This meditation is for you if…


 ✓ You are willing to let go of any emotional heaviness that may be sabotaging your celebration day.

 ✓ You want to release fatigue and physical stress, to feel lighter and fresh.

 ✓ You want to have a delicious experiences setting the tone of what your year will be.

 ✓ You want to realign and open yourself to receive all the good coming to you.

 ✓ You want to have a special moment to reconnect with yourself with gratitude and appreciation and honor what you have become.


A breathing session at the right time can change it all.

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