Our actions have a direct impact on how our energy behaves. If our house is messy and we don’t have clarity in our goals for the week, we are already setting some reference for what our week will become.
I’ve been doing these things during the weekend since a couple of months to prepare for the week. They are very simple, but when I do them I feel light and fresh and ready for action. They are not in a special order. I do my best to combine them with fun and relaxing time and it has great impact.
Here I go:
  1. Wash and change my bed sheets
  2. Do all my laundry
  3. Plan at least two days of sport in my calendar (yes, swimming or jogging at the park is the tendency now) With asanas here and there (if I don’t schedule that I don’t do it!)
  4. Prepare everything for breakfast and lunch for the week for my daughter (especially in school period).
  5. Empty all the trash-cans
  6. Wipe down the bathroom & kitchen, change the sand on my cat Luka’s litter box, and tidy up the rest of my house, especially my desk
  7. Check my calendar for the week and become aware of important tasks or meetings
  8. Going through my numbers and accounting
  9. Set an intention for the week, in my work (including financial goals and how to reach them), and the mood I want to go through it all
  10. Calling a friend or family member that lives far away
  11. Be grateful for precise people and things in my life. Sometimes that includes writing an email or a letter to someone just to say hello
  12. Meditation to open myself to the week with trust and confidence


Is there something that I’m missing that you think is important? I would love to know…
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