I love movies. I love to watch them, to produce them, to write them, to direct them. I love the co-creation that they allow and the many layers of all kinds of crafts, creativity and emotions  that they involve. So whenever I can do one, I go for it. It relaxes me. It makes me feel full.

I wrote and directed Coherence 3 years ago at the International KinoKonik Kabaret Warsaw 2011. I had the great opportunity to work with a fantastic group of people. We did it in only 3 days.

This short film was inspired by research published by the HeartMath Institute about the extraordinary capacities of our heart. The study arrived into my mail box a day before the festival, and it touched me so much that I decided to spend the night writing a script inspired by it. The research sustains that the heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic current in the body. It is up to 60 times stronger than that of the brain. The heart waves work up to 4 feet (1 meter) 360 degrees outside of the human body in the environment. Through them we are broadcasting our emotions like radio waves. Isn’t it incredible? When our thoughts and feelings are aligned, in harmony, the scientist call it coherence. Your immune system tends to get stronger and you have a feeling of being  perfect as you are, where you are.

Clearing your heart connection can be a life changing experience. Thats why I so much love the  Pranayama Breathwork. It helps to do exactly that: it releases physical and emotional stress, helps me ground, have more clarity about my purpose in life, enhance my capacity to love myself and share this love with others…through all the ways I can. Today is through a film. Enjoy it.


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