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Winter women's hub (1)

Winter women's hub (39)

About Me

Rakel teaches multi-tasking working women how to transform negative stress into their best creative fuel. So they can become fully present and enjoy all fronts –kids, partner, work, friends and hobbies– and not burn out on the trying. She uses her experience as a mother and as a war journalist (almost the same thing!!!),
combines it with her tools as a certified stress management coach, breath-work healer and meditation teacher, adds a sprinkle of her latino partying flavour, and with all of that helps women to move from chronically stressed overwhelmed and exhausted, to simply chilled out – thrilled. Is there any other way worth living? Rakel Sosa is a Certified Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Stress Prevention Coach, Autogenes Trainer, Breath-work instructor and Meditation teacher.

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