Exhaustion, fatigue, chronic stress, the sensation of being totally overwhelmed at work or in your daily routine. Being drained of ideas, or of the energy to execute the ones you had. I know every one of these states. I’m a workaholic and I know how we can get cought in our most amazing projects and forget to recharge. I mean the big charge. Holidays.

When I say holiday I’m talking about a mood. Cutting with everything for a month, or 2 weeks, or even a long weekend will do. If you really shift to a holiday mindset you will start releasing happy hormones and your body will turn on, uplifting your mind and leaving space for new ideas to come.

So after watching the video I want you to schedule your next departure. It doesn’t have to be to the moon… (for those that are always complaining of not having money to go on holiday), you can even spend the weekend visiting a friend near in the country side, or going for a long hike. Choose, plan, make the pause. And don’t worry, all your work will get done… and with you tuned in and recharged the chances are that you will thrive at work after your little escapade.


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