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The New Cycle Meditation – Balance your emotions, calm your mind and clear your goals and energy for a fulfilling new cycle.

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CD Birthday Booster Meditation

Birthday Booster Meditation – A breathing party for your body mind and soul.

You want to prepare for the best birthday so far? This is a meditation for you. Release any obsessive thought, anxiety or any physical or emotional tension with this Pranayama Yoga session. It will uplift you, place you in your centre and set the tone for the rest of this fresh new year. It’s also an excellent gift for your love ones. To know more click here.



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Pranayama for Woman – Activation of the Womb

In your womb is stored one of the most delicious and powerful energies of the Universe: The Creative Energy. I invite you to connect to it, to learn to trust it and experience its big potential. This breathing session is designed for that. Your premenstrual period is one of the best moments to practice it!



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Blooming Together Pregnancy Program

Blooming Together – Pregnancy Program

This guide, that I created while pregnant, will rock your pregnancy—way beyond the swing of mama’s rocking chair. It includes four CDs and a beautifully crafted hardcover book filled with soothing weekly audio meditations with descriptions of your baby developmental stages, affirmations and suggestions specially designed for each week of your pregnancy.  Sounds awesome, yah? Own it now. To know more about Blooming Together click here. 

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