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Stress is the second most frequently reported work-related health problem in Europe. A European opinion poll conducted by the Agency for Safety Health at work says that more than a half of all workers considered work-related stress to be common in their workplace. The same poll showed that around 4 in 10 workers think that stress is not handled well in their workplace.

The World Health Organization estimates that stress costs US companies at least $300 billion a year through absenteeism, turnover and low productivity.

The most dangerous part is that stress can be so invisible that most companies have a hard time realizing the threat and may not know what and when to do something about it. This is exactly what stress plays on, adaptation to stressors that lead to stewing about instead of resolving stress, with intense tension leading to chronic stress, consequently leading to very high costs for the company and individuals.

So may I ask… Is your company suffering from stress? Is your staff’s stress costing your company big resources, time and opportunities?

Turn your stress into your best ally. We will show you how.

8 Signs That Your Office Needs a Stress Management Program


From negative stress to positive stress

Our 6 Steps Approach

All of our programs have a holistic approach, addressing stress at a physical, mental, emotional and behavioral level.  They aim to give tools that will allow your employees to become aware of their major daily stress-trigger-routines and change them in a way so that it starts to work for them and for the company. All our workshops include 6 elements:

First we measure where the participants are at on their areas and levels of stress. Through a series of questionnaires, we find out what areas need more attention and tailor a program specially designed to work on them.
Stress management is all about changing our body’s chemistry. Movement is one of the most efficient ways of producing new chemistry in the body. Through precise series of movements –chair yoga, stretching, auto-massage, and energizing movement sequences, laughter yoga- that can be incorporated in the participants’ daily routine attendees can turn on the production of endorphin and serotonin, release toxins and allow them to feel lighter and revitalized. We also help attendees to work on their body position so they can find a more vital and empowering attitude at work, and reduce the harm to their body caused by the constant seated position in front of the computer.
The breath controls the rhythm and content of our thoughts. If our breath is agitated, then our mind is too. So we use breathing techniques and meditation to calm the mind, and mindfulness to learn to achieve a meditative alert state in your every day life, whenever you need to. By making a pause in your day and going back to your center, you will gain clarity and a better perspective for decision making and communication with co-workers and meditation.
Certain beliefs are the primary cause of negative stress. So, working with the mind through visualizations and thought shifting techniques have a great impact on turning negative stress into positive stress and in goal achieving. That’s why we have ensured all of our programs include exercises to train the ability to identify the beliefs that may be creating negative stress, and set and embody new beliefs.
Moods and emotions can be the fuel that pushes you to success or the main stressors that end up making you ill when not in balance. When you feel overwhelmed, intimidated, insecure, negative about any outcome, in resistance with your co-workers, when you feel angry, misunderstood and alone, you are emotionally stressed and that creates a certain kind of mood in your life and at work. Through breathing techniques and exercises, we help participants learn more about their emotions, how to stop them sabotaging their lives and how to achieve a state of excitement and fulfillment. We include the Pranayama Yoga Meditation as an important tool in our work. We use it to release physical and emotional tensions and to support attendees in finding a new, more fulfilling attitude and creative working mood.
All of our programs include a phase of monitoring and follow up on how the tools and methods shared in our workshops are being incorporated and helpful in the every day life of the participants. Our major interest is more than a simple insight; there is a real transformation on the stress habits of the participants. For that, we have put into place a follow up system that reinforces the attendees’ embodiment of the teachings and allows real habit changes to take place.

Your Team will be able to…

           ✓  Release the already accumulated physical and emotional stress

           ✓  Find their personal stress triggers and learn how to prevent them

          ✓  Understand the difference between positive stress and negative stress and how to know when you are exceeding the frontiers

          ✓  Use stress in their favor when under big pressure

          ✓  Change the perception of stress: going from stress victim to stress manager

           ✓  Reduce distractions – Increase focus

           ✓  Have a clearer thinking

           ✓  More effective communication

           ✓  More creativity and stronger leadership skills

           ✓  Greater teamwork

           ✓ Improved ability to address conflict

           ✓ Increased stability during periods of change

           ✓ The ability to respond rather than react by breaking habitual patterns of behavior

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A tailor-made 3-hour introduction to our Program, designed for up to 50 people. After finding what kind of stress they are suffering from and what the triggers are, participants learn movements, breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises to manage negative stress and turn it into positive stress. They experience the Pranayama Yoga Meditation that guarantees immediate release of physical and emotional stress, so they can start the week feeling fresh and light. After this session, attendees receive a downloadable MP3 and videos with the exercises that were taught, so they can continue practicing in their daily life. Contact us for further details and to book a 3-Hour Intensive Session.

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A tailor-made workshop designed for up to 50 people. This training enables attendees to gain a fuller insight and skills into how to transform negative stress into positive stress, how to manage stress in critical situations (during project deadlines, before important meetings) and ways to communicate and work as a team. Plus, it includes the opportunity to experience more in depth the practices of movements, mindfulness exercises and breathing techniques to recover from exhaustion and burn out. After the session, participants will have access to MP3s and videos to continue these practices on a daily basis. Contact us for further details and to book a Workshop.

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A tailor-made workshop designed for up to 20 people. A two-day course which gives a deeper dive into Stress management, enabling participants to learn the main practices to transform negative stress into stress that brings vitality, creativity and enthusiasm to their work so that they can be more effective and fulfilled. Immersion Courses require participants to sleep in the course venue, which is usually located close to the city the company seats. Contact us for further details and to book an Immersion Program.

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This training consists of 4 group sessions of 120 minutes each, which can be taken on a weekly basis or over a shorter period of time. It’s a tailor-made workshop designed for up to 50 people. Participants learn the techniques and science of stress management, through the practice of physical movements, breathing techniques, and mindfulness exercises. Individuals normally attend once a week and then practice the techniques daily for at least 15 min on their own with a downloadable MP3 or videos that we provide. They also receive daily email prompts, which encourage them to include the practice throughout their day. By the end of this course, the participants will have a good working knowledge of how to manage stress in daily life at work through effective techniques that can give them a competitive edge and enhanced wellbeing. Contact us for further details and to plan a 4-week Program.

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A breathing session at the right time can change everything.

About Rakel

Rakel Sosa has a double career. She worked as a journalist for 11 years for Radio France International, covering social and political issues around the world. She was trained in stress management techniques to be able to handle the highest levels of tensions that journalists undergo while covering conflict zones like Gaza Strip or difficult reporting environments like children sexual slavery in Central America, as Rakel did. In parallel, she has been practicing and teaching Rajadhiraja Yoga and its various breathing and mindfulness techniques for twenty years, and was trained by Master Healer David Elliott as a Pranayama Breath work instructor. She has been working on stress management in private and group sessions in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, United States and Venezuela since 2010.

Rakel earned a Master’s Degree in Communication from The Sorbonne University in Paris. In 1996, she was the co-founder of the Venezuelan Center of Education for Life – Eventus 151, an organization aimed to train companies and associations to handle communication and stress issues through workshops and retreats. She worked with PDVSA (Venezuela’s oil company, El Sistema de Orquestas Juveniles (Youth Orchestra Institution in Venezuela, El Nacional (Journal), University Rimay, among others. She is a regular contributor of the Huffington Post in the Healthy Living section.

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