Are you ready to make of this year a life changing fulfilling experience, no matter what?

Welcome to The Women Inner Circle. A space for women to share our projects, dreams, breathe through our resistance and expand even if we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. 

This mentorship group is for women that are looking to make their project with purpose happen in 2021 starting now! And are needing the mindset, the energy, the support and their shared wisdom and accountability to unfold it. 

How will the Women Inner Circle work?

  • The dynamic lasts 8 weeks. We will gather in group in three sessions through Zoom to mastermind on each other’s projects, to check where the energy is going, celebrate any success and check on what needs to be adjusted, and create a plan for the next steps to follow. In the second part of the session, I will guide you into a breathwork practice with the precise intention to unblock and move the energy in the sense that you are needing to make things happen that month.
  • You will have an accountability partner to check with weekly and keep your momentum going.
  • Once a month (twice in total) you will be able to send me a private WhatsApp message to share your process and ask questions that I will answer with feedback in the next 48 hours. Helping you move forward with new tools, new perspectives or whatever I see it’s required.

Benefits that you will obtain as a part of this group: 

  •  Support in these time of isolation. With your accountability partner, in the group dynamics and with me, you will come across ideas, skills, knowledge and solutions for your project that you would not have found by yourself
  • You will be constantly tracking and adjusting your energy flow and levels of stress and enthusiasm in the process of creating your project. This is the main difference with other kind of masterminds and mentoring programs
  • You will be much more committed to your goals as you openly share them in an accountability group
  • You will have a small network of women who are always willing to hold space for you

So, as soon as you sign up you will receive:

  • A questionnaire to be filled that will bring clarity on your goal, your intention, your sense of purpose and what you are needing to make it happen. Once that you send that form back, and after reading all the forms I start working on configuring the right dynamic for our first session, that will help you as a group to reach your goal. Very exciting!
  • You will also receive a three month calendar where you will mark in the elements that we underestimate or often even ignore that have a huge impact on our level of energy as women. And also work with the wheel of attention new edition to understand your thought patterns and emotional addictions and be able to transform them so they don’t sabotage your expansion.

How much does all this cost?

This program is worth 2000 euros and I will be charging that range of price in the near future. In this first round of 8 weeks  I am only charging 600 euros if you pay the three months in advance, or 230 euros per month if you pay in three instalments. Plus VAT.  A real no brainer.

There are of course limited places so I can really have the time to support you all. So if you are ready to join send me and email here to pre-reserve your spot and I will send you more details.

The registration process is open until the 10th of January. 

Our Zoom meetings will be on:
Friday 5th of February – Setting the goal, the intent, the mindset and the energy.
Friday 26th of February – Adjusting the plan
Friday 26th of March – Closing circle
 Send me an email with any question, that I will be happy to answer. I am so looking forward to sharing with you!


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