Release your pain, feel lighter with my 7 minutes meditation. It's FREE.


When you master your breathing, you master your life.

                   Private Sessions

circle 2 yellowYou & me & the energy that creates worlds. 

During this one to one session –taking place in Berlin or ONLINE-, we work on precise issues that maybe causing you physical and emotional stress. Through your breath, your intension, “the energy that create worlds” and me holding space, we transform patterns of thoughts and blocked emotions that are sabotaging your life into creative energy and clarity.

If you are ready to drop drama and decided to move to a place of wellbeing, love, prosperity and expanded creativity in your life, we can work together.

How does it work?

It’s a 1 hour session where you will start by setting your goals clearly. You will practice the Pranayama Yoga Meditation with my precise guidance to unblock the energy needed to achieve your goals. There is a follow up  during 4 weeks through email, that will create an accountability process, and the possibility to add new strategies or resources to support you so your goals are reached. During the process of creating the path to achieve your goals, deep healing happens.

“My private session with Rakel was life-changing. I went to see her because my creativity was completely stuck as an artist, and during the session something  changed. I haven’t stop painting since then. She guided the work in a subtle way. Deep healing.” Cristina Brown.


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                   Group Sessions

circle 3 pink_center

All of US. Fully breathing, fully healing. 

These are one of my favourites. Yes. I believe that when people get together with similar intention, magic happens.

In the group sessions the energy and focus of each participant joined together through the act of breathing in group, enhances the healing dynamic in a very intensive way. Every member of the group can strongly feel and benefit from it. Your mat, blanket, delicious essential oils, and music chosen specially for the dynamic are prepared so you can easily get into the breathing. We will be guiding you throughout the whole session. What do you need to bring? Just comfortable warm clothes, an open mind and heart.You ideally pre-register, yet last minute participants will be very welcome.


“Rakel created a beautiful space for us to relax and dive deep into our souls. I felt completely safe and guided on my journey. She truly is an inspiration and does wonderful work!” Coco Berlin, Sensous Dance.


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                    Company Sessions

circle 1 blue _text centerYour team & me breathing through key tensions. Enhancing creativity & productivity. 

We organize special sessions for companies or institutions that are needing to master stress, give a creative boost to their teams as well as to ease communication in between co-workers. During these sessions that can last from 3 hours up to 2 days, participants learn how to recognise and reduce stress in their lives through a proper breathing, posture and change of habits; how to communicate with others effectively from a place of inner balance and confidence. To turn anxiety and stress into enthusiasm and creativity. We put the finger on what can be blocking the dynamic of the group and make it flow. For more information CLICK HERE, or contact us at:

“Rakel has a talent to share very practical tools for every day stress relief, in a inspiring and at the same time down to earth approach. We strongly suggest her workshops to any company that wants to have a vital team and increase sales.” El Nacional.




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